DDM Dav Public School Kashipur

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DDM Dav Public School Kashipur, contact details, fee structure

Dav Public School Kashipur

DDM Dav Public School Kashipur is located in Aliganj Road, Fasiapura, Kashipur, Uttarakhand, India. The School is one of the best School in Kashipur. The School was established in year 1990. The School principal is Dr. Manish Goyal.

DDM Dav Public School Kashipur Facilities:

Biology Lab Computer Lab
Chemistry Lab Library
Physics LAb Playground

DDM Dav Public School Kashipur Teacher & Staff:

S.No. Name Designation Classes Taught Subject Qualification (UG) Qualification (PG)
1 Dr. MANISH GOYAL Principal B.Com M.Com
2 Mr Brijesh Rawal PGT IX to XII Maths B.Sc (PCM) M.Sc (MATHS)
3 Mr Amit Negi PGT IX to XII Physics B.Sc (PCM) M.Sc (PHYSICS)
5 Mr Kripal Singh PGT IX to XII Chemistry B.Sc (CBF) M.Sc (CHEMISTRY)
6 Mrs Sapinder jeet Kaur PGT XI to XII Economics B.A (ECONOMICS) M.A.(ECONOMICS)
7 Mr. Umesh Chandra Sharma PGT IX to XII Computer Sci. B.Sc (PCM) M.Sc (CS)
8 Mr Surya Prakash Mourya PGT XI to XII Account Bst. B.Com. M.Com
9 Mrs.Sunita Sharma TGT VI to X Sanskrit/ Hindi B.A. (SANSKRIT) M.A. (SANSKRIT)
10 Mr. Shahid Hussain TGT VIII to X Maths B.Sc (PCM) M.Sc (MATH)
11 Mrs. Samta Bhatnagar PGT IX to XII English B.A. (ENGLISH) M.A. (ENGLISH)
12 Mr Hira Singh TGT VIII to X Hindi B.A.(SANSKRIT) M.A. (HINDI)
13 Mrs Santoshi Joshi TGT VII to X English B.A.(POL.SCI.) M.A. (POL. SCI.)
14 Mrs. Deepa Sharma PRT VI to VIII S.St B.A.(ENGLISH) M.A.(ECONOMICS)
15 Mrs. Rosily Wilson PRT UKG UKG ALL B.A.(POL.SCI)
16 Ms Renu Bisht PRT II to VI English B.Com M.Com
17 Mrs Madhavi PRT IV to VI Hindi B.A.(HINDI) M.A.(HINDI)
18 Mrs Pooja Bhatnagar PRT II to IX Maths,Sci. B.Sc (CBBT) M.A. (ENGLISH)
19 Ms Neha Sarswati PRT II to V Maths, G.K., B.Sc (PCM) M.Sc (MATHS)
20 Mr Sachin Kumar PRT I to VIII Music B.COM M.COM
21 Mrs Vineeta Pathak PRT I to VII Music B.A.(GEOGRAPHY) M.A. (PETORY FICTION)
22 Mr Kamal Kishor Joshi PRT VI to VII Maths B.Sc (PCM) M.A. (HINDI)
23 Mrs Geeta Upadhyay PRT VI to IX Science, G.K. B.Sc (ZBC) M.Sc. (Chemistry)
24 Mr Amit Kumar PRT II to XII Hindi, DS B.A. (HINDI)
25 Mr Ishwari Datt Pant PRT V To VIII Hindi/San. B.A. (SANSKRIT) M.A. (SANSKRIT)
26 Mrs Dipti Gupta PRT VI TO IX Computer B.Sc (ZBC) PGDCA
27 Mr Kamal Singh PRT I to VIII Drawing B.A. (DRAWING) M.A. (PAINTING)
28 Mrs Ruchi Gaur PGT IX to XII Science B.Sc (ZBC) M.Sc (ZOLOGY)
29 Mrs Jyoti PGT IX to XII Chemistry B.Sc M.Sc (CHEMISTRY)
30 Mrs Amita Sharma PRT II To VIII Hindi/ Sank B.A. (ENGLISH) M.A. (ENGLISH)
31 Ms Bharti Arora Librarian III to XII Lib. B.A. (ECONOMICS) M.A. (ECONOMICS)
32 Mr Balbinder Singh TGT VI to X S.St B.A. (HISTORY) M.A.(HISTORY)
33 Ms. Anita Goswami PRT I To VIII English, EVS,SSt B.A. (ENGLISH) M.A.(ENGLISH)
34 Ms. Charu Arora PRT Nursery LKG All B.A. (SOCILOGY) M.A. (SOCILOGY)
35 Mrs. Monika Singh PRT I To VII Maths, EVS,G.K. B.Pharma

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Contact Information

Aliganj Road, Fasiapura, Kashipur
Pin Code
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